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MAME Emulator for DSTWO MAME4ALL v1.0 Released! [ Promote this link! ]

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Post time 28-10-2010 13:17:38 |Show all posts
Author: alekmaul
Mame4All DSTWO is made by alekmaul who is a member of Supercard official English forum, and this is the 1st one unofficial plugin for DSTWO, it’s great! Thanks to alekmaul!

MAME4ALL DsTwo is a port of MAME 0.37b5 emulator (originally by Nicola Salmoria)
for the Nds with Supercard DSTwo.
MAME4ALL DsTwo currently emulates lots of arcade games supported by original MAME 0.37b5
plus some additional games from newer MAME versions.

About MAME:
MAME(Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is one of the best multi platform emulator in the Emu history, It can emulate almost A rcade.

Some larger games currently do not work due to lack of system RAM.
Sound is not pefect, but it's a speed problem
Please visit official site for update news:

How to use:
Unzip in root directory of DSTWO, you will have a MAME directory
and 24 files in _dstwoplug to put in your _dstwoplug directory.
Put roms in /MAME/roms directory. Roms must be compatible with mame0.37b5 !
And there is a file called clrmame.dat in the emulator folder, you can convert rom with convertor & this setting file.

Controls :
Standard in-game MAME controls:
- D-Pad: UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT.
- Buttons A,B,X,Y,L,R: MAME buttons 1,2,3,4,5,6.
- Button SELECT+START: Insert credit.
- Button START: Start game.

Extended controls in game (to access menus and options)
All use the SELECT button + an additional button.
This is analagous to pressing "SHIFT" and another key on a regular keyboard.
- Buttons SELECT+L: Show profiler.
- Buttons SELECT+R: Show FPS.     
- Buttons SELECT+Y: Pause.
- Buttons SELECT+X: Enter/Exit Volume menu.
- Buttons SELECT+B: Enter/Exit MAME menu

- Buttons START+L+R: Exit (to Mame4All menu).
- Button B mapped to Enter
- Button X mapped to Space

The botton screen allows you to take a screen shot or add coins to play.
The "MAME menu" (see above) can be used to:
- Redefine DEFAULT keys for all games.
- Redefine keys for the current game.
- Display game information.
- Set Auto-fire options.
- Enable cheats.

Controller Notes:
- All keys can be redefined, including the "shifted" SELECT keys.
  In some cases this is essential. ie. Robotron.
- To type OK when MAME requires it, press LEFT and then RIGHT.

The Game Selector will search for MAME ROMs found in the ./roms directory.
Games found will be displayed in the game list.
- Use UP and DOWN to select a game.
- Use LEFT and RIGHT to page up and page down.
- Press A to select the game to play.
- Press SELECT+L+R to exit.

After selecting a game, configuration options are available:
- Use UP and DOWN to select the option you want to change.
- Use LEFT and RIGHT to change the option.
- Press A to start the game (and save the configured options).
- Press X to go back to the game list.



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Post time 28-10-2010 14:00:59 |Show all posts
Wow ill definitely try it ill bet it will be great.

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Post time 28-10-2010 14:33:10 |Show all posts
TY for the release :)

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Post time 28-10-2010 15:10:46 |Show all posts
Ill try it... but have slowdowns in SFII (World)...
I think is because I dont know how to configure it correctly...

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Post time 28-10-2010 15:15:53 |Show all posts
this is old news
it's been available at GBATemp for a few days already

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Post time 31-10-2010 11:53:18 |Show all posts
Excellent contribution, I like me very much and think that even with his failures it can improve in the future since the sound is a bit bad but even it is an initial emulator that maybe is the best and definitive for the supercard dstwo

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Post time 7-12-2010 08:00:36 |Show all posts
Post Last Edit by Shaggy at 7-12-2010 04:05

it works!  but it not well, actuality UNable to play :-(

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