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Guide: Tips for new users for SuperCard DS+ and GW [ Promote this link! ]

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I had some trouble setting up the Gateway Plugin (3DS gaming) on my Classic 3DS. I've read alot through the forums and other websites and i noticed, many of the questions are getting asked over and over again but have no satisfying answer.

Note: I was on Firmware 8.1 on my Classic 3DS. I decided to downgrade to 4.5 to use the "Settings -> Profile" hack.

So here is my FAQ that i had problems with (this *should* belong to 6.5 - 9.2, maybe other versions too):

1. I can't start the Gateway Mode.
Follow these instructions
NOTE: The Launcher.dat has to be on the 3DS Memory Card (the one on the side of your 3DS), not on the SuperCard Memory Card!

2.  Can i start the Gateway Mode (GW) without the browser "hack" (
- No. Not on Firmware 8.1. You have to be connected to the internet to start GW or downgrade your 3DS (for example to 4.5).

3. The Settings -> Profile hack does not work!
- This only works with Firmware 6.4 and below (i think, but surely with 4.5).

4. Whats the easiest way to downgrade my 3DS to Firmware 4.5?
- I followed ... -down-to-4-x.35511/
Skip step 1 if you are using GW from the supercard website and you can already go in GW mode.
I think this is the easiest way to downgrade to 4.5. No sysupload, no other complicated steps. Just download the gateway.dg, put it on your SD and click "Downgrade". (Of course i'm not responsible for bricks!)

5. I'm on 4.5, what now?
- Congratulations! The "Settings -> Profile" hack should work now, without Browser / Internet.

6. I have white empty squares on my GW games list (the screen after pressing SELECT in GW mode).
- If you google it, you most likely see results with "you have a faulty SD Card" or "your card is fragmented". Well, these things may belong to you, but in my case, i've used DECRYPTED roms for use with the citra 3DS emulator for PC. These roms will NOT work with GW! Just get "normal" (encrypted) roms.

7. sysNAND, emuNAND - what?!
- sysNAND: That's the memory -inside- your 3DS. The original firmware lives there. If you damage it (with a faulty firmware), your 3DS is bricked.

- emuNAND: That's a memory place on your SD Card. The custom firmware (like Gateway (well sort of)) lives there and can be booted from there. If you damage it, you can simply override it with your PC.

8. I have a black screen while GW is loading!
- If you start the Gateway mode, hold the "L" key while GW is loading. This brings up the gateway menu (like in step 4).
- Then choose the "format emuNAND" option. It will create a new emuNAND for you from which you can start GW again.

I hope these little FAQ will help some new users. As stated, i'm a new user too. So if anything is wrong in my post, please leave a comment and i will correct it.


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Thanks a lot.

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